Yoga Stops Traffick 2015




Currently travelling around India on a hiatus from everyday routine, far removed from my life as a writer in Berlin, I am volunteering with an NGO called Odanadi. For the last twenty six years the charity has strove to empower vulnerable communities and rehabilitate trafficked women and children, carrying out over 70 brothel raids, bringing over 150 traffickers to justice and rescuing and rehabilitating more than 4,200 children.


one day

Every year Odanadi organises an event called Yoga Stops Traffick – a worldwide event with the aim of raising funds to continue Odanadi’s work, and also raise awareness about human trafficking. Anyone is free to participate, and if you are a yoga teacher or studio you are encouraged to create an event and get involved. This year’s event will take place on Sunday 15th March, led by some of Odanadi’s current residents on the grounds of Mysore Palace. They will be joined by hundreds of yoga practitioners – both in Mysore and worldwide. A series of 108 sun salutations will be completed to mark the event, and everyone is encouraged to join in!

For more information on Yoga Stops Traffick and how to get involved visit the website here or Facebook page here.


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