The Depressed Cake Shop


On a recent visit back to my hometown, I was pleasantly surprised to find a local jewellery business, Fallen Saint, holding a ‘Depressed Cake Shop’ –  a charity event to raise money for mental health. The idea was simple, volunteers would donate their baked goods to be sold by the shop, the proceeds of which would go to a local mental health charity. There was only one stipulation: the cakes had to be grey.

Despite not being blessed with natural culinary skills I rose to the occasion and with a little help from my friend created something which people admired and even paid to eat – £1.50 a slice! Although at first I thought that grey cakes were a little insensitive, I think it’s also true that this colour best reflects the illness, a monochrome shade which is unable to be expressive or emotive. The turn out for the event was wonderful and as well as raising over £200 for Wolverhampton mental health alliance groups it got people talking about a mostly taboo subject which affects a massive 1 in 4 people. Good work, Fallen Saint, I hope to see more of these events popping up in the future.


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