Do You Remember Rock ‘n Roll Radio?

Forget the Berlin Bowie tour or the Hamburg Beatles tour, The Ramones Museum in Berlin is the place to be in regards to music nostalgia in Deustchland. Tucked away on Krausnickstrasse just off Oranienburger Strasse, this museum, bar and cafe is the perfect place for a Ramones lover to re-live the fast four’s former glory, or simply just chill and have a coffee.

The museum section at the back of the venue contains around a staggering 500 items of memorabilia including photographs of the band on tour with family and friends, t-shirts and posters from different gigs and tours, newspaper cuttings and show listings. Also on display are original lyrics and artworks by the band and even Joey Ramone’s iconic drainpipe jeans.

At only €3.50 for unlimited visits, the Ramones Museum is well worth visiting for a trip down punk memory lane. Contemporary gigs are also held at the venue, with every act gracing its floorboards signing one wall of the cafe, making for an interesting muse over your cappuccino.


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